Bedroom Decorating Maida Vale

Is it time to put away the nursery bedding? Is your child growing out of his or her baby theme? Here are some ideas to help you and your child decide how to decorate their bedroom.

First, get your child involved in decorating their bedroom. By this time you will know their likes and dislikes, such as colors or themes. Your child will want to be surrounded by decor that they enjoy, and you will want to give them a space that is multi-functional as well. Begin by choosing things that they will grow into, such as the bedding and the furniture. This will save money over time so that you won’t have to change the colors and theme for a long time to come.

Here are some ideas for decorating your child’s bedroom;

Bedding- When it comes to bedding choices, buy something that is good quality that will last for years to come. I recommend finding good quality bedding and buying it when it is on sale. That way you still have something of good quality, and you will save yourself a lot of money. Again, choose something they can grow into. Bedding that has patterns with characters that they like when they are three, may not be something they will still enjoy at age seven or eight. Bedding with patterns such as plaids, stripes, sports, animals, or florals is great choices when it comes to having something for years to come. Then you can find another decor to coordinate with the bedding.

Color– Choose colors that coordinate well with the bedding, that also give it some contrast. For example, my son has a patchwork quilt with shades of blue, green, and yellow. I painted his room a nice shade of blue to pick up the several shades of blue in his quilt, and his curtains are a green gingham pattern, which also coordinate with the bedding, but contrast well with the color on his wall. Whatever colors you choose, find several colors that coordinate well, so you can have the room nicely decorated, and make it fun for your child!

Wall decor– Remember, this is your child’s space, so have wall decor that is personalized. Using wall letters to spell their name is a great way to start. You can buy them online, or go to your local craft store, and find letters that you can paint yourself. You can also find pictures that can be personalized by the company that sells them, and that keep with the theme of your child’s room. For example, if you choose to have a ladybug theme, you might find prints with that theme online, and they can add a name for a small fee.

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to wall decor is finding decor that won’t damage the walls. I recommend wall decals. They simply stick to the walls, and if your child gets tired of them, they peel right off the wall and won’t leave any sticky residue. You can find different types of wall decals at stores that sell bedding, or online art or poster stores.

Shelves also provide a nice space to add decors such as photos, trophy’s, or other memorabilia. You can even find shelves that have a place underneath with hooks for hanging hats, baseball bats, or jackets, which hang securely to the wall.

Pictures that keep with the theme are easy to find or do yourself. Sometimes you can find framed art that is part of a collection for a specific theme, or you can do it yourself. For example, if you are going with a jungle theme, you might be able to find a poster with jungle animals on it, and find a frame that will fit, and frame it yourself! Or you can use a good quality paper, and make a picture from your wall decals, or paint one yourself (if you have that talent), and then frame it.

Organization– One thing is certain in a kids room, and that is that it will get messy. That’s just a part of being a kid. But you will want to provide some ways to help them keep it organized. Stand alone bookshelves are a great space for their books, toys, stuffed animals, or their art supplies. Place baskets, totes, or boxes on the shelves to keep these items separate. Having a toy box, or toy bins is a must to keep the space organized as well. You just can’t neatly organize all of their toys, and the toy box will make it easier for clean up with certain toys.

Just remember, your child’s bedroom is their very own space which will be used for many purposes, so make it multi-functional. It’s not just a place to sleep, but to play, read, or study. You can provide that space for them, not only for many purposes or conveniences but by giving them a fun colorful space that they will enjoy and grow into.

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